We invite you to join the fascinating domestic atmosphere of Mamin Kolio Tavern where you can enjoy delicious Bulgarian dishes that are prepared by our chefs and meanwhile not forget the specially selected wines to complement their charismatic taste.

Create unforgettable moments for your family, beloved woman and good friends in the sounds of soft music and Bulgarian folk atmosphere.

We have two spacious lounges which are suitable for both romantic meetings and private gatherings and for big events in festive evenings. We invite the fans of the beautiful view and culinary adventures to come to our big garden which, we believe, will become your and your guest favorite garden.

We are situated at a place which is convenient to all visitors – in the center of Sofia city where, undisturbed, you can park your car in the convenient park spaces.

We expect only one thing from you – good mood and merry company. Your pleasant stay and unforgettable moments are our guarantee of quality!

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