Chicken specialties and starters

Voivode’s morsels
chicken fillet, red pepper, green pepper, mushrooms, fresh onion, parsley
350 12.80
Chicken filletson fire
chicken fillet, bakedwith buffalo cheese and tomato, poured with pesto sauce
400 11.80
Chicken fillets with broccoli
chicken fillet, broccoli and cream
350 12.00
Inkeeper’s chicken
chicken fillets with a bouquet of cheese and cream
300 11.50
Chicken ‘Alexander
chicken fillet withwineand dill
300 12.80
Chicken rolls with pesto sauce
Chicken rolls with dried tomatoes on eggplant and tomato
300 8.40
Chicken morsels with honey and sesame    
Breaded chicken fillets
with cornflakes, sesame or potato crust
350 12.80
Chicken kavarma in a pot
chicken fillet, onion, mushrooms, roasted pepper, tomato, yellow cheese
200 6.30
Fox starter
Fried chicken wings with soy sauce
350 6.40
Risotto with chicken and vegetables    
Butcher’s starter
giblets with onion, baked with yellow cheese 
200 6.00
Chicken hearts in butter 200  7.00/7.50
Chicken liver in butter    
Chicken fillet
grilled or fried in a pan
200 7.00/7.50
Chicken ham steak
grilled or fried in a pan
120 4.60
Chicken skewer – 1 piece
chicken fillet, onion, pepper, mushroom
70 1.60
Chicken meatball    
Chicken meatbar    
Grilled duck hearts 200 8.50
Goose liver foie gras
on pineapple and dried figs
300 32.00
Duck fillets with wild mushroom sauce
on mashed potatoes
350 26.00
Duck ‘Orient’
Duck fillets on caramelized apples and oriental sauce
350 24.00
Garlic duck
fillets with garlic-yogurt sauce on Risi e Bisi
350 24.00
Duck skewers with seeds -2 pieces
duckfillets on a skewerpoured with a sauce of seeds on black rice
350 24.00
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