Vegetables and cheeses

Field mushrooms in butter   
optionally with dill and garlic 
200    4.50
Wild mushrooms ‘manatarki’ in butter
optionally with rosemary
150    11.50
Heroic mushrooms      
stuffedwith bacon and yellow cheese in the oven
250    7.00
Risotto with wild mushrooms ‘manatarki’
Forest edible boletus, rice, cream, Parmesan cheese
300    14.50
Stewed vegetables        
peas, corn, baby carrots, broccoli,cauliflower with butter and dill
250    3.80
Corn in butter    
with dill and garlic
200    4.40
Grilled vegetables with dill    
onion, zucchini, eggplant, carrot, mushroom, peppers
300    4.20
Broccoli in French style         
stewed broccoli with cream, Roquefort and Parmesan cheese
300    7.80
Zucchini with garlic
Fried zucchini with garlic
300    5.60
Zucchini with buffalo cheese
zucchini, tomato, buffalo cheese, basil pesto
350    8.00
Rhodopi beans in gondola    
baked beans in the oven with tomatos
300    5.60
Hominy in Tran style
with cracklings of bacon, cheese and butter
350    5.60
Vegetable balls, optionally with milk sauce      
Balls made of parsley, of zucchini, of spinach
300    5.60
Botsko’s Starter 
Baked dish of potatoes, cheese, bacon, cream, yellow cheese
350    5.80
Goat’s milk cheesewith figs  
goat’s milk cheesejam of figs, walnuts, orange
200    8.50
Cheesemaker’s starter       
baked goat’s milk cheesewith honey and walnuts
200    8.50
White cheese on a plate          
Baked cow’s milk cheesewith crispy crust
150    5.00
Smoked yellow cheese on a plate    
smoked yellow cheese baked with orange and blueberry sauce
250    12.00
Breaded morsels of processed cheese with cornflakes 150    6.80
Breaded Camembertcheese in cornflakes + blueberry jam     150    9.00
Yellow cheese morsels  
breadedmorsels of yellow cheese inspicy breading
150    5.20
Sesame cubes
Breaded morsels of white cheese in sesame
150    5.20
Breaded cheese plate
sesame morsels, yellow cheese morsels, processed cheese in cornflakes, breaded Camembert cheese, breaded Gouda cheese, blueberry jam
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