SALADS Grams Price
Mamin Kolio Salad
tomato, cucumber, bean salad, katak (a paste of sheep’s milk cheese, sheep yogurt, butter, garlic, walnut), kyopolou,egg, roasted pepper, olives
500 7.00
Caesar Salad with Chicken
lettuce, chicken fillets, croutons, Caesar sauce,Parmesan cheese, lemon, olive
400  8.80
Proscuitto Salad
lettuce, proscuitto, dried tomatoesgreen olives, walnuts, balsamic dressing
400  8.80
Mamin Kolio Green Salad
lettuce, cherry tomatoes, blue cheese, dressing, walnuts, olive
400   6.40
Green Salad with tuna fish
lettuce, cucumber, corn, tuna fish,lemons, olives
450   6.00
Granny Kaltsanitsa
roasted eggplants, tomatoes, peppers, garlic, olive, parsley
250   4.80
Thracian Salad
strained yogurt, cucumbers, garlic, dill,walnuts, olives
250   4,80
Katak withroasted pepper
strained yogurt, cheese, garlic, roasted pepper, olives
280   4.80
Three Brandies
katak, Thracian salad, kyopolou, tomato, roasted pepper, olives
450   7.00
Shepherd’s Salad
tomato, cucumber, roasted pepper, red onion, ham, marinated mushrooms, white cheese, egg, olives
400   5.00
Shopska Salad
tomato, cucumber, roasted pepper, red onion, cheese, parsley, olives
350   4.40
Harvestor’s Salad
tomato, roasted pepper, fresh onion, corn, white cheese, olives     
350   4.40
St.George’s Day Salad
lettuce, fresh onion, cucumber, radishes, egg, olives, lemons
350   5.00
Greek Salad
tomato, cucumber, fresh pepper, red onion, cheese, fetaki, olives, oregano
450 6.00
Tomatoes with parsley 300 4.60
Cucumbers with dill 300 4.60
Ordinal Salad
tomato, cucumber, roasted pepper, red onion, olives
300   5.40
Peeled tomatoes with buffalo cheese  
tomato, buffalo cheese, basil pesto       
300   8.40
Roasted peppers        
roasted peppers, garlic, dill, olive oil
250   5,00
Vitamin Salad   
cucumber, carrot, apple, olive oil, lemon, sunflower seed, olives
350   5,00
Dietary Salad
shredded carrots poured with olive oil, lemon and olives
350   5,00
Zayo-Bayo Salad       
fresh cabbage with carrots, olive oil, lemon, olive
350   3,60
Colored Beans Salad  
white and pinto beans, red pepper, green pepper, fresh red onion, parsley, mint
350 4,60
Samokov Salad
boiled potatoes red onion, fresh onion, lemons,parsley, olives
350    3,90
Angry gherkins
Pickled gherkins
200    3,60
Royal Salad /seasonal/ 
pickled cabbage, cauliflower, red bell peppers, gherkins,carrots, poured with olive oil
350    4,00
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